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5 things you should know about Electric Bikes

E bikes are showing up everywhere, and as an electronics hobbyist and robotics coach that Loves Bicycling. I see E bikes as an evolution of the bicycle that can bring more people to the bike shop. More people on bikes means more healthy people. Healthy people outside are happy people. Happy people make a better world.

It’s Not cheating. If you wouldn’t be riding otherwise or you might give up if it takes too long to see progress in your health or riding you should be on an E bike. If you want to commute but your just a little too far away to make it reasonable to do frequently, an Ebike could cut your commute in half.

It’s affordable. cost of ownership on an E bike is similar to a regular bike. effectively cost of charging is the same as a laptop. you can save money by commuting to work. we can do the math in another post Here. You also will spend less on healthcare long term by becoming more healthy. Not spending money on parking and filling your gas tank is another money saving bonus.

It’s getting better. Ebikes are improving every year, the number of people on bikes is growing. the pressure for better bike infrastructure is also growing, making it even easier to get out on your bike.

It’s good for you. weather you are young and fit or in need of moving more. biking is a safe low impact way to get fit. Pedal assist e bikes which is what most reputable bike shops will sell, require your pedaling to provide added power to your pedal stroke. so your still getting exercise on an ebike. inactivity is a primary reason for onset of most of our top health problems. The assistance encourages you to ride more and longer.

Its FUN! with out fail every E bike test rider returns with a big smile on their face. Pedal assist ebikes are so much fun. they just boost your abilities and allow you to go more often and for longer rides, while not feeling like you just did a major work out. but you’re getting one…

Go to your local bike shop, test ride an E bike. You’ll come back with a great big grin on your face and you won’t regret it!


My Midlife Crisis a change for the better

The Journey Begins.   How I’m Changing my Life for the better. 

In 2011 I weighed 265 lbs, my diabetes was completely out of control and I was unhappy and unfulfilled in my life, the many years of loosing myself to what seemed like the most important of priorities and 2 train-wreck marriages, causing loss of passion for biking, and life in general had taken their toll on me.  A counselor asked me why I was carrying on in this state.

I didn’t know. I didn’t know me, I didn’t know what i wanted. So i made a change of mind set, that lead to a plan. I had to think about what I loved, what I want, and what I needed.  I had to eliminate the things impacting our lives negatively for myself and the ones I love.

Having a lot more time to do what my kids and I wanted to do like building robots, hiking, biking, tinkering with electronics and home automation projects, getting into the office more and having a lot more fun, as well as focusing more on the struggles my special needs sons were having. Diving more into work than it deserved. I was still struggling in a large way with stress, my weight, diabetes, and maintaining a steady and consistent exercise program.

By 2014 I was ready to check out of the rat race and purchased a foreclosure, made it livable and moved in, the first step had happened.  the biggest monthly bill is gone and I started enjoying Life a little more.

I need to get my spin back.  Back to the days when I was younger. After High school I trained as a bicycle mechanic at United Bicycle Institute in Ashland OR.,  those days and the days after were some of the fondest memories of my life, Biking in Ashland, and so many places in CA, MA and ME from the hills to the coast.  Biking was my meditation, I wasn’t “thin” fit back then, but I was putting in lots of miles, and I was so much happier. I’m fairly certain it was because i was moving more.  I would find my “happy gear” and spin for hours enjoying the peace, the views, and the zen of it all.

Today, through skipping meals, Increased water intake and almost completely dropping soda, and completely dropping sugar based drinks. I’m down to 185 lbs, my diabetes is under much better control. I’m still trying to get my spin back.  Due to the miles I’ll be putting in this summer I’ll need to actually eat properly, so I’m hoping to tap into all the knowledge from the old days when those miles weren’t as much of a challenge and the bounty of information and people at my fingertips. Please to send me your thoughts and advice.

I’ve been spending 6 to 8 hours a week with my bike on the trainer during the long, cold Maine winter, while watching training videos on Prime and listening to travel and geek podcasts.

I left my IT job and interviewed at a local bike shop last week.

You cant be sad on a bicycle. You just can’t.

the mobile device that charges you

This year is the year.  I’m signed up to do 180 miles in the Trek Across Maine (6/15-17/2018)  for the Maine Lung association and 100 M in the Tour de cure (6/10/2018) for the Maine Diabetes foundation .  If you could click those links and help me meet the goals for those and I would appreciate it.  I had set aside some earned time to donate but since I left my job it didn’t get applied, and now i actually might need it.  

Yesterday I was offered a Job at the bike shop.  I start tomorrow. 😀  This Journey is happening. I’m older, wiser, and even though I’m rusty and bike technology has changed significantly, I’m sure I’ll tap into all the things I learned at United Bicycle Institute  and the shops I worked at in the 90’s will come in handy.

I’ll put together a post of how the first week or two goes.   Please post questions and advice and stay tuned for the next leg of my and yes our <3  journey.


Bikes Make you feel awesome


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