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Humans 101

Humans 101
Welcome to the planet, a few things you might want to know:
If the news supports your opposition it’s a lie.
If the news supports your side it’s a lie.
If a politician is talking it’s a lie.
If a newscaster is talking it’s a lie.
If there is “big news”, a “scandal”, or a “crisis” it’s a lie to cover up something much much worse.
If something seems corrupt, it is, way more so than you could imagine.
It’s all a bunch of lies to keep you outraged.
When you’re angry or scared your ability to think clearly goes away, making you easy to fool and control.
Your brain lies to you about what you think you know.
As if the manufactured life struggles, stadium sports, and a million channels weren’t enough to shut most of us up.
Aren’t you supposed to have checked off the next box on your life list by now? but.
That shade of eyeshadow on this week’s celebrity of choice is totally the most important thing to fight about.
It’s okay though, you’re just gonna scroll by and ignore this anyway.
It’s not happening to you, it not real.
You may now return to your regularly scheduled mind-numbing distractions.

a Rant Poem by Chris Hoffman