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You only lose what you cling to. An experiment.

Meditation of the day. “You only lose what you cling to” – The Buddha

I’ve been struggling with letting go of my things. Because some time ago when I pulled the parachute on the Corporate life. I Made a choice to make the switch from the western idea of “keeping up with the Joneses” to fully embracing what I’d been contemplating for quite a while. I’ve always considered myself a different kind of thinker and have read many different religious, philosophical and Buddhist texts. I had long tried to question myself and my motivations. I question my judgment and thoughts for many good reasons. People don’t do this enough. This is why if I’m asked what I believe in? My answer is Buddism and Science. Because Introspective questioning makes them go together quite well. but that’s for another post.

When I made that choice I was fully ready to let go of all attachments to our greedy and selfish society and walk the earth so to speak. When my kids were on their own of course.

Well, they’re now on their own and I have made a leap away from any safety of my home and things. I’m away from the familiar. I now stand on the edge of truely letting all my things go and I have hesitated. I know I will get past it. This should be very soon I hope.

I struggle with getting the most of the things I am letting go or simply sending them away to benefit others with no gain to me. striking the balance is what I’m meditating on lately.

I feel like I’ve made great progress with this in regard to career and social status. To the point of feeling sorry, on occasion, for those that dwell on such things as the shiny new car and bigger house with more stuff in it.

It’s my stuff that is causing my frustrations currently. It all needs to go.

On letting go of our perceived status

Do we need all that crap that we think is so important? NO.

Do we need to make more money than our neighbors? NO.

Do we need all the extra payments that make us have to work for all that extra income? NO.

Why do I feel this way? Because anything you covet can be lost. It’s true freedom to have nothing to lose.

“You only lose what you cling to” – The Buddha

I know I can get a job doing what I choose pretty much anywhere. I am multi-talented and somewhat autodidactic, so I fear no change or challenges.

This is sometimes misread by others as apathetic and even as hostility. Bosses and colleges seem to doubt it or feel I can’t be counted on in a year or two. That an employee that isn’t afraid to quit is a liability, or maybe I’ve just lost my mind.

To this, I try to respond with a reassuring, “If we both still find our relationship or arrangement satisfying it isn’t a concern, I’ll be here, but if we see signs that we or the arrangements are no longer mutually compatible it would suggest that I should seek challenges elsewhere. I have no attachment to feelings of sorrow about this and will look back on the time with pleasant feelings. Do I want our situation to go on? Yes, for as long as possible. ” For me, this is a true feeling of freedom and openness. Nothing more. It’s wonderful to openly discuss what others often hide.

“This makes me your most honest employee because I want to be here but I don’t need to be here. Is honesty what you want?” – (me) Chris Hoffman

This freedom I feel to ask questions some are afraid to ask, to speak my mind, to talk to that elephant in the room directly, to ask academic questions for the sake of open discussion. To speak to all with transparency and honesty. I love it. I have no need to consider the repercussions of losing a job as I’m sure I can get another pretty quickly,

I’m happier now at a third of the pay I used to receive than I ever was before. Not that more $ would hurt, but it comes with the ability to buy ourselves distractions that only add complexity to our lives.